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Longyan University

        Longyan University is one of the full-time public undergraduate universities of Fujian Province authorized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, which is located in Longyan City--the centre of the west of Fujian Province, where there is beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
        Founded in 1958, Longyan University was previously called Longyan Higher Normal College. Then, it was merged with Fujian Resources Industrial School in 2001. The current name of Longyan University began in May 2004 with authorization of Ministry of Education. At present, it is the only full-time undergraduate university in the west of Fujian.
        The University occupies an area of 1058 mu, including Dongxiao campus and Fenghuang campus, with a total floor space of 230,000 square meters' schoolhouse. Besides, it is well equipped with a series of high standard equipments in laboratories, multi-media teaching classrooms, computer network control centers, language labs and so on. Its library stores over 1,000,000 books and periodicals in Chinese or foreign languages, it serves as the largest centre of information in west Fujian.
        There are 9 colleges/ departments in the university covering 6 fields, namely, literature, science, engineering, agronomy, management and education. The comprehensive university offers 27 four-year undergraduate specialties and 10 three-year college specialties to students of different educational backgrounds, including over 7500 full-time students and more than 5500 students of adult education.
        There are over 600 faculties and staffs. The university has over 20 eminent academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, doctorial supervisors from some famous universities as our guest professors or part-time professors.
        Longyan University attaches great importance to teaching and research. In the past 3 years, it has undertaken 171 state or provincial or municipal-sponsored research projects in various fields, and won over 30 awards granted by government. Several items of patents have been authorized by the State Patent Office.18 monographs have been published and 12 teaching materials and references have been compiled. 931 scholarly papers have been published in authoritative journals at home and abroad, among which 64 have been adopted by SCI , EI and SSCI. The scholarly journal--The Journal of Longyan University has been circulated widely at home and abroad and received well.
        The 3 studies of Longyan University, namely, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Folklore and Mining Engineering are the key studies of the newly-built undergraduate universities of Fujian. Meanwhile, the school has 12 institutes, including the Institute of the Study of Hakka Culture, the Study of Gutian Congress (the 9th Party Congress of the Fourth Army of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, presided over by Mao Zedong in December 1929 at Gutian, Longyan), the Research of Regional Economics, the Study of Unstable Coal Seam in South China, the Animal Medical Study and the Study of Minxi (west Fujian) Food, etc.
        Offering the students a superb education has always been our key concern. Over the years the school has made great efforts to develop the students' overall quality. Its students have been distinguishing themselves nationally, winning prizes after prizes over the past couple of years in tough competitions. Because of the high quality of its teaching, the graduates are welcomed and praised by the enterprises and companies and its employment rate has always been in the front rank of the same kind of universities in Fujian Province.
        The University has made great efforts to promote exchanges with academic institutions outside of the Chinese mainland, establish friendly and productive ties with colleges and research institutes in several countries, including Brazil and the U.S.A.. And the university has exchange programs with the key universities in the academic fields.
        Over the past 50 years, more than 40,000 students have graduated from this college and are working in every walk of life all over China, most of whom have become the backbone of local elementary education and the core of the companies or enterprises.
        Longyan University acts in accordance with the school motto of “Great virtue and quick in learning”, adhering to the orientation of “having our feet firmly planted in Longyan and serving the province, keeping the whole country in view, aiming at cultivating advanced talents with practical techniques and the teachers of basic education, who will directly serve the local economy and social development. Undertaking the strategies qualified education, scientific management and talent cultivation, Longyan University is now working hard to become one of the top universities of the same kind all over the country.

Colleges , Departments and Specialties(院系及专业)

College of Humanities and Education(人文与教育学院)
1). 汉语言文学(Chinese Language and Literature)
2). 对外汉语(Chinese as a Foreign Language)
3). 广播电视新闻学(Journalism of Broadcast and Television)
4). 音乐学(Musicology)
5). 心理咨询(Psychological Consultation)

College of Foreign Languages(外国语学院)
1). 英语(English)
2). 日语(Japanese)
3). 应用英语(Applied English)
4). 应用日语(Applied Japanese)
5). 英语教育(English Education)

College of Economics and Management(经济与管理学院)
1). 市场营销(Marketing)
2). 公共事业管理(Public Utility Management)
3). 营销与策划(Marketing and Planning)
4). 旅游管理(Tourism Management)

College of Mathematics and Computer Science(数学与计算机科学学院)
1). 数学与应用数学(Mathematics and Applied Mathematics)
2). 信息与计算科学(Information and Computational Science)
3). 计算机科学与技术(Computer Science and Technology)

College of Physics and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (物理与机电工程学院)
1). 物理学(Physics)
2). 电子信息工程(Electronic Information Engineering)
3). 机电一体化技术(Electro-mechanics Integrating Technology)
4). 电气自动化技术(Electric Automatization Technology)

College of Chemistry and Materials Science(化学与材料学院)
1). 化学(Chemistry)
2). 应用化学(Applied Chemistry)
3). 材料科学与工程 (Material Science and Engineering)

College of Resource Engineering(资源工程学院)
1). 采矿工程(Mining Engineering )
2). 地质工程(Geological Engineering)
3). 测绘工程(Geomatics Engineering)
4). 木材加工技术(家具设计与制造方向) Wood Processing Technology (furniture design and manufacturing)

College of Life Science(生命科学学院)
1). 生物科学(Biology Science)
2). 生物技术(Biotechnology)
3). 动物医学(Animal Medicine)

Department of Physical Education(体育系)
体育教育(Physical Education)

 Department of Art (艺术系)

 Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theory Courses(思想政治理论课教学研究部)

 School of Continuing Education(继续教育学院)

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